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Dhaka Gallery is owned by Delvistaa Ltd. and operated by Delvistaa Foundation since

03    /   11   /   2018


The perennial history of Bangladeshi visual arts dates back to hundreds of years since the Muriyan Age (322 BCE to 187 BCE) and passed through different ages perpetually. It had experienced the influence of Muslim arrivals through Sultanate and the Mughal eras. The British colonial invasion also impelled a lot towards the practice of visual arts by introducing the Modernism in all facets of visual arts. To be very particular, the art movement in this particular portion of the sub-continent was revolutionized by two exponents- Zainul Abedin being the pioneer and Muzharul Islam being the forerunner institutionalized Fine Arts and Architecture respectively just after the partition in 1947. Since then and especially after the independence of Bangladesh, the country is continuingly witnessing the evolution of Art and Architecture which provoked the other visual art media to be aligned. The growth of the educational institutions offering Art and Architecture right now in the country provides the testimony that Bangladesh is a land of Arts and Culture. The country has earned international standing in the field of visual art since after the independence; many local artists have enlisted themselves in the international arena with pride and talent.

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