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The profession of Architecture has witnessed a big development in recent times in Bangladesh. The 90’s witnessed construction boom, primarily due to soaring demand of residential and commercial spaces. Over the years the practice grew stronger, the number of architects and schools has increased. 

Albeit all these developments, there is a big vacuum and the dearth of a professional journal long left. The necessity of a journal for a burgeoning profession is of utmost importance, both for the professionals and the students. Realizing this necessity, Delvistaa Foundation has come forward with a noble venture of launching a professional journal mainly focusing on Architecture and Art, which is destined to be a quarterly magazine titled DOT: journal on Art & Architecture. September 2015 is marked as its inception.

The primary aim of the journal is to highlight the Architecture of Bangladesh and documentation of the same. The journal will also highlight sustainable, historical, environmental issues in architecture as well as Interior Design, Landscape Architecture and more. Discussions on contemporary Visual Art of Bangladesh will also play a pivotal role.

15    /   09   /   2015

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