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Delvistaa Family specializes in the field of architectural design and consulting services, construction management and supervision, housing development in the urban sector, and recently initiated expansion in the eatery and gallery ventures. It has successfully accomplished a considerable number of projects related to building industry since 1964. In 1999, the guild reconstructed to form a family of companies, which aimed to strengthen its growth and give improved flexibility to management and in course of time incorporated more wings to diversify its ventures. The different members of the family although independent in organization, operate as a combined team to extend specialized and versatile services to fulfil the client's exclusive requirements.



vistaara architects

The first member of the family is Vistaara which was established a quarter century back and acting as the core business focusing and concentrating mainly in architectural consulting services, while providing expertise to the other building services. Vistaara has been offering its distinguished and definitive statement in the architectural realm of Bangladesh for last twenty five years without looking back and still considered as the most efficient and creative architectural offices in the country.


development entrepreneurs


Development Entrepreneurs Limited (Del) has focused to the urban settlement sector in keeping with the method of achieving more multi-family housing developments. One of Del's projects in the Gulshan area of Dhaka City in the field of multi-family housing has been awarded with the country's highest architecture award "IAB Design Award 98". Del has so far delivered considerable number of apartment and commercial units in the different prestigious locations of Dhaka City since its inception in the mid-90s.



Based on the early successes of some projects, Delvistaa Limited was established in 2008 to cater the growing needs in the real estate sector.  The company grew steadily to its present state and continues to be involved in a wide range of exciting projects in future. Delvistaa Limited brings a unique corporate synergy to the housing industry by successfully integrating service and constructing into one cohesive and qualitatively effective function.


delvistaa foundation


As the family grew, it was found and realized that as a successful group of enterprises of the country it should shoulder some social responsibilities to support the causes. Delvistaa Foundation was registered as a philanthropic anon-government organization in the year 2009. Since its inception it bolsters the local culture through organizing different cultural events, publishing Audio CDs and rare books. It also supports education of numerous destitute pupils while on regular basis provides financial supports for the treatments for the poor.


DOT the magazine


In the year 2015, the only architecture magazine of the country, DOT was launched through its first issue. Since then the magazine has been published on regular basis focusing the local architects and architecture. It also embodies students’ academic projects through a competition and hands over awards and prize money among the winners. DOT is acting as the only bridge among the professionals, academia, students and the society.


dhaka gallery


Despite so many hindrances and pretending the unseen obstacles, Delvistaa Foundation proudly announced the launch of ‘Dhaka Gallery’ at Banani area for the visual artists and to meet the craving demand of the discerning audiences who were looking for an Art Gallery in this part of the city. The gallery aims to host art exhibitions on regular basis. It was kept in mind during the design process that Dhaka Gallery should also have the facilities to host small scale cultural events, seminars, trainings etc. This is perhaps the only arena which is so quickly convertible. Dhaka Gallery is a complete acoustic controlled premises and is fitted with most modern audio systems that are supplemented by state of the art lighting arrangements.  


tagore terrace


Our language, culture, art, literature, fine arts all are getting adulterated with foreign values ​​over time and their basic colours are fading out or taking on a different dimension. In the 21st century, it has become imperative to protect one's self-esteem from the impurities of this unwanted veneering or mixture from external culture. Rabindranath Tagore, one of the foremost sources of our though process, is the source of our creation, which we reveal every day in a new form. In so many ways he made us rich in poetry-novel-story-drama and finally with his melodious tunes and paintings. To recreate an untainted ambiance, who else could be the source of treasures except Rabindranath Tagore; the treasure from which it is possible to bring back the original colour. In late 2018 an innovative initiative has been taken to create the Robi Prangaan ‘Tagore Terrace’ where he remains visibly and invisibly everywhere; in books, songs, poems and pictures, there are tea and coffee as tangible retreat. So what’s the harm in spending some leisure time relaxing in the colours of the aura of Tagore?




Spitfire is a fine dining restaurant primarily focusses in barbecue and grill. For time being it’s operation was suspended and now it is reopening with a much better ambiance and services at Gulshan Avenue, Dhaka’s one of the most posh locations.

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