Abdul Mannan is a veteran in the art realms of Bangladesh because of his consistent endeavours on realistic paintings. His works range from portraits of eminent personalities, especially of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, Poet Rabindranath Tagore and KaziNazrul Islam, to the depiction of the vivid scenarios of Bangladesh. It is true that he portrays the nature or portraits but the way he translates are far from mere photographic representations and are quite mystic in nature. Whether he works with watercolour, acrylic or oil paints, he always exerts his skills in a way that finally brings out a non-mimicking piece. He started his career in his early days as a graphic designer at a media firm and then joined the national television channel from where he retired as a Director of Design.


Abdus Shakoor’s work focuses on ancestral and historical themes, following in the folk-tradition of Jainul Abedin, Qamrul Hasan, Jamini Roy &Qaaiyum Chowdhury. Common themes in Shakoor's paintings include Bengali folk motifs and ballads, the mahua&malua love stories as well as Nakshikanther Math, Gazir Pat &Mansha Pat of MymensinghGeetica. He has illustrated his stories with elements & folk-motifs. Peacock & Parrots as well as Elephants, Bulls, Cats, Tigers, Serpants& Lizards feature prominently in his works.


Being an utter polite and humble personality, Abul Barq Alivi is considered as one of the leading printmakers of the country who continuingly thriving with his works to transcend himself. He was a scholar who studied under the American Printmaker Michael Ponce-de-Leon upon passing out as a graduate. In his works the amalgamation of western experimentation and the far eastern minimalism is quite explicit as he ended his post graduate studies from a Japanese university. Though subdued with mostly monochromatic colours, his works attract the inquisitiveness of the audiences and direct them towards an enigmatic domain where each individual discerns with a different perceptions. His works may be termed as quite modernist in nature with local essences embedded on to them.


Ahmed Shamsuddoha’s works are highly intricate and express his inner stories of surrealistic world. Being a very introvert artist, Doha intends to reveal his thoughts through colours blending them with the experiences of his surroundings. Whether beauty of the nature or of the people, he remarkably fuses his insights with these derived subjects. His works often embody the disturbances of the society and politics but never lack romanticism. He is quite avid for oil medium but also prolific in acrylic and watercolour.


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